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Re: RFS: eviacam


As promised, here is my review.

Thanks Paul for your thorough review! I (hopefully) managed to fix all the issues you pointed out. I uploaded an updated version to the mentors site which also appears to be lintian clean.

I hope that all these improvement will help to find an sponsor for eviacam.

More details are provided below.

I am looking for a sponsor for my package "eviacam".

* Package name    : eviacam
   Version         : 1.5.2
   Upstream Author : Cesar Mauri<cesar@crea-si.com>
* URL             : http://viacam.org
* License         : GPL

Version 3 or higher according to your copyright file.


   Section         : x11

It builds these binary packages:
eviacam    - A cross platform webcam based mouse emulator

For Debian it is not relevant that this software is cross platform. Also
the synopsis should not start with "A". I would suggest:
eviacom - webcam based mouse emulator

Updated debian/control

I was able to fix most Lintian errors and warnings, but I feel that to
fix the remaining warnings I would need some help.

W: eviacam source: non-native-package-with-native-version

This should be solved by adding a DEBIAN version to the version number
in your changelog. I.e. 1.5.2-1.


W: eviacam source: empty-debian-diff

This is because your upstream package already includes the debian
directory and there are no changes to be put in the diff and you are
using source 1.0 (implicit). If you want to continue also distributing
the debian directory in the upstream release I strongly suggest using
source version 3.0 (quilt) to avoid problems with NMU's. See also

OK. Switched to source version 3.0.

Further, my comments on your debian/* files:
- As mentioned above, include the Debian version in the first line
- Close your ITP bug in the first entry like so:
     * Initial release (closes: #634840 )
- Please update the time stamp to something more appropriate


- Not sure if this will be useful in the future. You will most likely
   be editing the changelog manually (with the help of dch)

changelog.in removed and left changelog alone.

- I believe ideas about which version should be used for new packages
   varies from sponsor to sponsor, but 7 or 8 is most common nowadays. Of
   course this influences your build dependencies.

Set to 7

- Your standards version is very old. The current version is 3.9.2.
   Check what you need to change, and update accordingly.

Updated standards version to 3.9.1

- Any reason for not having priority "optional"?

None. Set priority from extra to optional.

- Consider putting your Debian packaging in a VCS and add the
   appropriate tags

Can you provide additional details about this?

- I don't think it is appropriate to mention the website in the
   description. The "Homepage" field is made for this purpose.


- As mentioned above, improve the short description


- I am no native speaker but I believe "a software" is rather strange.
   If you want to improve the description you could ask on

Changed "software" by "program"

- I don't have understanding of wx2, but do your recommends work, i.e.
   does the package find the right version, depending on the development
   package used in the build-depends?

Removed old dependency to wx2.6 which also generated the compilation error you point below.

- Not mandatory, but quite some sponsors want it: consider to change
   your copyright file to the DEP5 format [1].
- Please link to the versioned GPL in common-licenses.
- You did not include the copyright information of all the files. The
   copyright file MUST list all the copyright holders and all licenses
   of ALL files in your project.


- I don't think you need this with this content.

Done. File removed.

- NEWS is empty, don't install it.

Old (manually maintained in upstream) ChangeLog file renamed as NEWS file and added automatic ChangeLog generation from git

- Why install README.ca and not README.es?

Fixed. Now installs both.

- I find the clean target a little strange, why copy the config.sub and
   config.guess there?


- Clean up commented lines


- Not sure, but I think quite some options in your ./configure line are
   added by the builder automatically.

Not sure also.

Further comments:

Please include a watch file.


Your package is newer than the latest upstream release. As you are
upstream yourself, why didn't you create this new release yet?

Just in case the debianization triggers some changes in upstream.

The package FTBFS (fails to build from sourse) with the following error:
configure: error: Couldn't find linux/videodev.h nor libv4l1-videodev.h
Adding libv4l-dev to the build-depends helps to start building the
package. It would help to build your own packages in a clean environment
to check against such problems (and build in sid as well). Tools such as
pbuilder can help you there.

Added libv4l-dev to the build-depends. Using pbuilder I've managed to properly build the package for squeeze and sid.

With libv4l-dev, it still FTBFS with the output as found below. The
complete output can be found here [2] (for a month).

Fixed. As said before this was due to a wrong dependency against for libwx.

Hope this helps to improve the package.
> Paul
> [1] http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/
> [2] http://pastebin.com/FZStE1TJ

Sure. Your review has been very useful! Thanks again.


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