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Re: Orca update

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <mengualjeanphi@free.fr> writes:

> I believe there are some dubts about the accessibility of gnome in the
> future (the methods, the delay, etc.), if I remember the Kenny's mail
> and the threads I see on orca-list. I also saw that Debian started
> pushing gnome3, at least some tools. I see that orca 2.91 is "stable".
> Finally, I think it should be cool to test improvements, I think of the
> magnifier or the behavior of orca on the Internet. All the more as we
> must test if orca now works on gnome3 (at least gnome3 as integrated in
> sid). It would allow to anticipate bugs.

The main issue in my book is that at-spi(1) and at-spi2 can not coexist
easily on a system.  So we dont have a soft transition path.
Therefore, I am sort of artificially delaying the upload of
at-spi(2) to unstable.  Why?  Well, its kind of likely
that the quality of accessibility on sid will drop
quite sharply once we push at-spi2.  We will fix the bugs that come up,
but users should expect *major breakage* once at-spi2 enters sid.

In other words, if you need functional graphical desktop accessibility,
please drop back to squeeze until the mayham is over.

> And to fix some bugs in 2.91.6 (I was remorted some bugs with
> punctuation...).
> That's why I suggest:
> - pushing gnome-orca 2.91 from experimental to sid (why not propose orca
> 2.91 at least for a next wheezy stable, if things don't change) ;

I am pretty convinced that CORBA will go away until wheezy,
so it doesnt look like an option to try and release
wheezy with at-spi(1).  We will likely have to bite the bullet.

> - updating experimental package to 3.1.3, current latest release.

The problem is not orca, but at-spi2.
Samuel and I will meet in person at debcon11 in Banja Luka (next week).
I hope that we will find the time to do some work on the at-spi2 front.


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