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Orca update


I believe there are some dubts about the accessibility of gnome in the
future (the methods, the delay, etc.), if I remember the Kenny's mail
and the threads I see on orca-list. I also saw that Debian started
pushing gnome3, at least some tools. I see that orca 2.91 is "stable".
Finally, I think it should be cool to test improvements, I think of the
magnifier or the behavior of orca on the Internet. All the more as we
must test if orca now works on gnome3 (at least gnome3 as integrated in
sid). It would allow to anticipate bugs. And to fix some bugs in 2.91.6
(I was remorted some bugs with punctuation...). 

That's why I suggest:
- pushing gnome-orca 2.91 from experimental to sid (why not propose orca
2.91 at least for a next wheezy stable, if things don't change) ;
- updating experimental package to 3.1.3, current latest release.

If you agree, I can send you the package I have generated. I used what
was done for 2.91.6, the patches stay the same. I can test with lintian
but I feel that I will not have newer problems than 2.91.6.

What do you think? Can I send the package (to test it)? I will test on
my own sid before sending it. But we could also test in experimental.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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