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Re: Pico

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL, le Sun 14 Nov 2010 07:48:38 +0100, a écrit :
> 1. I tried to change the rate via orca, even set to 60, it doesn't
> change anything.

Not really surprising actually, as the pico2wave tool doesn't provide
any way to change it :) In the newer upstream speechd version, there is
integrated support for pico, with speed/rate/volume support.

> 3. I'm not absolutely sure about stability: it worked with orca -t, F
> did ctrl-c, didn't work anymore, I rebooted the system, so it worked...
> Don't understand why pico didn't worked anymore after ctrl-c.

It might just be again that you had a remaining /tmp/pico.wav not own by
your user. That'll be solved by the newer upstream speechd version.

> 4. When a number has more than 1 figure (10, 11, 12...), it's not
> pronounced in French, the synthetiser reads the 2 figures. Instead of
> saying 12, it says 1 2.

Oh? On my box I don't have the issue. Could you try pico2wave directly,
as well as spd-say?

> I don't know how I can help: test, doc, translation, but if I can I will
> try.

You should probably discuss directly with upstream pico.

> So far I promoted voxin (viavoice tts) because no free software
> seemed to me usable daily for most users, especially those who come from
> Jaws. Today, Free Software offers a very good solution, which has to be
> improved but which is really cool. I'll test upgrades regularly.

It's not completely free actually, there are corners of the code whose
origin is not clear.

> Anyway if someone knows more about this project and what it needs, don't
> hesitate. I'll search myself this too.

Well, search in /usr/share/doc/libttspico0/copyright first :)


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