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As svox pico seems an extraordinary synthetiser, I'd like to test it. I
tried firstly, only to see results, to install speech-dispatcher on
lenny, then add an espeak-pico-generic
to /etc/speech-dispatcher/modules. But so I got "Permission denied
on /tmp/pico.wav". I installed too libttspico-utils (from sid).

As I know it's not very clean, I started again today on a real sid. I
installed python-speechd, libttspico-utils, speech-dispatcher, I added
file I mentioned above then:
AddModule "espeak-pico-generic"        "sd_generic"

in speechd.conf.

Then, orca -t, I choose spd, then pico, and... no sound. But this time,
no log too... 

Do you have an idea?

Thanks. I hope the connector will come fastly to avoid
speech-dispatcher :) But waiting for it, I'd like to test.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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