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Re: installing with the debian installer and selecting pam profiles and gdm3 not able to login using the keyboard

Nick Gawronski, le Wed 06 Oct 2010 09:57:40 -0600, a écrit :
> Hi, I am using the latest testing gtk mini iso image and was installing testing
> and chose to install X as well as the standard system.

Isn't it exactly the question that

dpkg-reconfigure  libpam-runtime

asks?  Which choices do you get and how do you select them? Here I have

  1. Unix authentication                              4. Inheritable Capabilities Management
  2. GNOME Keyring Daemon - Login keyring management  5. none of the above
  3. ConsoleKit Session Management

and typing 1 2 3 4 indeed selects them all. Of course, choice 5. (none
of the above) is wrong, I'll report a bug about it.


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