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Re: installing with the debian installer and selecting pam profiles and gdm3 not able to login using the keyboard


(Note: I'm now trying to reproduce your issue with pam selection, and
just here checking out other issues apart from that)

Nick Gawronski, le Wed 06 Oct 2010 21:15:01 -0400, a écrit :
> I also had selected file and printer 
> server but when I uninstalled X I found that the printer server was 
> removed and not all packages from the graphical desktop task are removed 
> as alsa is installed which I of course want to keep even if I remove X but 
> it would be nice if tasksel also purged the configuration files of a 
> package either as a command line switch or in the selection screen.

AIUI, this is only tasksel-related, please check with tasksel people
(e.g. tasksel@packages.debian.org)

> Also upgrading speakup to the latest version would be very useful both for 
> the installer and for the kernels that are installed.

That should be done now.


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