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Re: Metapackages for accessibility

On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 09:29:34PM +0200, Mario Lang wrote:
> The webpages are a nice thing to have, I agree.

> Regarding metapackages I see some useful categories
> like "braille-transcription", "development-tools", "ocr", and maybe
> "X11".
> The rest, I am actually not so sure about:

Well, the reason to send this mail was to make sure everything makes
sense and I really have to relay on your input.
>  * "applications" looks like too generic to be useful.

Well, it has only one dependency anyway, perhaps we can move this to
some other task and drop the applications task.  Suggestions?

>  * "console-screen-reader" has several solutions which
>    the user is not likely to use at once.  More likely is that
>    they pick one and use it.  But installing all of them might
>    lead to conflicts maybe?

Could somebody check the chance of a conflict?  We can also implement an
or relation for the metapackage and it remains listed equally on the
tasks web page.

>  * "emacs-extensions" is the same problem.  People are going
>    to use either emacspeak or speechd-el but definitely not both at
>    once.

So the or relation seems to make sense here as well (just implemented
in this task as an example).

>  * "gnome" looks neat but the problem is already solved in a better way.
>    GNOME actually considers accessibility a core part of its
>    infrastructure which means that pkg-gnome is already pulling most of the
>    required stuff at least via Recommends.  I consider this a great
>    thing and the way to go, thanks GNOME!

OK, so a accessibility metapackage seems to be redundant here.  It is
nice for the tasks pages anyway and does not really harm to have another
way to advertise pkg-gnome, right.  The question would probably be:
Would it be reasonable to just depend from pkg-gnome in the
accessibility-gnome metapackage or should we also list all the pkg-gnome
dependencies - if we would decide to keep this metapackage instead of
droping it. I'm in favour of keeping it for consistency reasons: If we
want to maintain all accessibility packages (which should be listed for
instance on the bugs pages and other QA means, perhaps building a live
CD or dedicated installers) we need to keep track of these packages.

>  * Most of what is in "speech-synthesis" is going to be pulled via Depends.
>    I am not sure how useful it is to just install everything there is.

We can use Suggests instead - just tell me what you prefer.
> > I would consider it as a good idea to do so because this might enable
> > pointing to the Debian Accessibility project in the release notes for
> > Squeeze which will probably increase the popularity of the Debian
> > Accessibility project amongst Debian users and makes Debian more
> > attractive in this field.
> Well, we can already point at these nice webpages, can't we?

Sure we can but installation wise metapackages (or tasks for tasksel,
which will be in the package accessibility-tasks) ae IMHO quite handy.
I agree you had some points above but IMHO the advantages are higher
compared to your concerns above which are in my opinion no real
arguments against this approach.

Kind regards



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