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Metapackages for accessibility


at LSM in Bordeaux I talked with Samuel about metapackages as they are
builded in the Blends framework for Debian Accessibility (see my talk at
LSM [0]).  He also told me that Mario is fine with this idea (Mario it's
a shame that we did not talked to each other -  I was once passing you
when you were sitting on a booth but I was in a hurry and then I have
not seen you any more.

The current work in the direction of metapackages is done as so called
tasks files in the Debian Pure Blends svn[1].  These tasks files are
quite simple dependency lists and can be rendered into so called tasks
pages[2] and bugs pages[3] which you hopefully like for your comfort in
maintaining accessibility related packages in Debian.

Because I'm not personally involved in accessibility programs I have
done the categorisation with the help of Samuel.  I would like you to
have a look at the categorisation [2] and if you have any remarks or
enhancements I'm keen on hearing your opinion.

I wonder whether you might like to give me some input on this (patches
to the tasks files or even unformatted comments are fine) and whether it
might make sense to also generate some metapackages which can be used to
simplify the installation of accessibility software easily on a Debian

I would consider it as a good idea to do so because this might enable
pointing to the Debian Accessibility project in the release notes for
Squeeze which will probably increase the popularity of the Debian
Accessibility project amongst Debian users and makes Debian more
attractive in this field.

Kind regards


[0] http://people.debian.org/~tille/talks/201007_lsm_acc/index_en.html
[1] svn://svn.debian.org/blends/projects/accessibility/trunk/accessibility
[2] http://blends.alioth.debian.org/accessibility/tasks
[3] http://blends.alioth.debian.org/accessibility/bugs


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