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Re: Metapackages for accessibility

Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:

> at LSM in Bordeaux I talked with Samuel about metapackages as they are
> builded in the Blends framework for Debian Accessibility (see my talk at
> LSM [0]).


> The current work in the direction of metapackages is done as so called
> tasks files in the Debian Pure Blends svn[1].  These tasks files are
> quite simple dependency lists and can be rendered into so called tasks
> pages[2] and bugs pages[3] which you hopefully like for your comfort in
> maintaining accessibility related packages in Debian.

The webpages are a nice thing to have, I agree.

> Because I'm not personally involved in accessibility programs I have
> done the categorisation with the help of Samuel.  I would like you to
> have a look at the categorisation [2] and if you have any remarks or
> enhancements I'm keen on hearing your opinion.
> I wonder whether you might like to give me some input on this (patches
> to the tasks files or even unformatted comments are fine) and whether it
> might make sense to also generate some metapackages which can be used to
> simplify the installation of accessibility software easily on a Debian
> machine.

Regarding metapackages I see some useful categories
like "braille-transcription", "development-tools", "ocr", and maybe

The rest, I am actually not so sure about:

 * "applications" looks like too generic to be useful.
 * "console-screen-reader" has several solutions which
   the user is not likely to use at once.  More likely is that
   they pick one and use it.  But installing all of them might
   lead to conflicts maybe?
 * "emacs-extensions" is the same problem.  People are going
   to use either emacspeak or speechd-el but definitely not both at
 * "gnome" looks neat but the problem is already solved in a better way.
   GNOME actually considers accessibility a core part of its
   infrastructure which means that pkg-gnome is already pulling most of the
   required stuff at least via Recommends.  I consider this a great
   thing and the way to go, thanks GNOME!
 * Most of what is in "speech-synthesis" is going to be pulled via Depends.
   I am not sure how useful it is to just install everything there is.

> I would consider it as a good idea to do so because this might enable
> pointing to the Debian Accessibility project in the release notes for
> Squeeze which will probably increase the popularity of the Debian
> Accessibility project amongst Debian users and makes Debian more
> attractive in this field.

Well, we can already point at these nice webpages, can't we?

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