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Re: flite new version need a DD upload from mentors repos

Denis Briand <denis@narcan.fr> (07/06/2009):
> For no upstream changelog, I think is not a problem

Sure. Probably upstreams may want to convey that kind of information in
some way in the future, though.

> For shlib-calls-exit I may see that with upstream team

Never seen this tag, and didn't check it yet.

> For no-symbols-control-file, I fear it may cause some trouble on
> specific architectures

I don't think so. Assuming you're still building a single binary with an
engine inside and no separate library (I can't really download the
source package, my net access is close to no-net at all), you're dealing
with some plugins. Given that those are not libraries meant to be used
by other programs, they might be moved away from the public /usr/lib
location, for example under /usr/lib/flite.

Symbols control files are like shlibs file, only useful when it comes to

(Sorry if you're now building a library, the above then wouldn't apply.)


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