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Re: Bug#443554: flite: [help] Bug #443554 alsa support

On Sun, Jun 07, 2009 at 10:54:48PM +0200, Lukas Loehrer wrote:
> I have not trhied the alsa patches on recent versions of Debian. It is
> possible something changed that broke the patches.i
Yes, au_alsa.c is missing in 1.3 version.
I had must to add it and fit the patch.
But there is another issue on configure or makefile files.
-lasound is not inclued on gcc lines.

> I will gladly work together with you to get it to work again.
Thank you :)

> If you intend to update the
> Debian package to 1.3, I would recommend anyway to make a first upload
> without also support to get the version upgrade working first. 
That's done, it's pending to DD's upload from mentors repositories:

>Do you, want to incorporate the Alsa patch into the 1.2 package as well?
No, is not a security patch, sorry. And I prefere to put new 1.3 version on
Sid/testing. So it should be stupid to build it with patch and remove it 2
weeks after with 1.3 version.
maybe see for backports.

> Have you tried flite 1.3? I have the impression, it sounds not as good
> as version 1.2 What is your opinion? 1.3 is certainly smaller than
> 1.2, maybe they sacrificed some quality for size. Or maybe I never got
> it to actually use the 16k voice. Personally I am therefore still
> using 1.2. 

I'm agree with you, 1.2 vox seems to be better than 1.3, I will try to build
package with another vox.

I send a Cc of this e-mail to debian accessibility team, because for the moment
(fixed with new version), bugs from flite don't send Cc to this mailing list.

Best regards


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