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Re: Preparing "bits from the accessibility team"


Samuel Thibault schrieb:

Mario Lang, le Wed 27 Aug 2008 20:25:50 +0200, a écrit :
I'd like to try and increase our visibility in the project by
sending a "Bits from the accessibility team" to d-d-a.

Good idea!

Does anyone have something they'd like to see mentioned in such a mail?

Well, a few things that happened recently on the debian installer side
was fixing up the dark theme and adding a beep at the syslinux boot
prompt (it got commited, should be available in next official build).
The new speakup and speakup-modules packages are also worth talking
about. They have not been added to the debian installer yet, but scripts
are already there, it's just about adding the kernel modules.

What are you thinking about setting up a wiki page in the debian-wiki
and collect information like these above there? This would improve the
visibility of this project too.

A wiki page have another important benefit: It can be kept up to date
more easily then a static web page. BTW who is maintaining the home page
of the debian accessibility project now?

We could
also call for volunteers: simple things like adding an accessibility
section to the debian installation manual would be very useful.

or just testing the accessibility features an giving feedback to this list.



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