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Re: Preparing "bits from the accessibility team"

Mario Lang, le Sun 31 Aug 2008 12:11:52 +0200, a écrit :
> > Well, a few things that happened recently on the debian installer side
> Would you like to write this information up in a way
> that is comprehensible to people that might not be involved with
> accessibility already and drop it into my INBOX? :-)

Something like

Some work has been done on the debian-installer side: the "dark" theme
for colorblind people have been improved, a beep has been added to the
boot prompt to let non-sighted users know when boot option can be typed,
and support for hardware speech synthesizers (aka speakup) is on its


> > We could also call for volunteers: simple things like adding an
> > accessibility section to the debian installation manual would be
> > very useful.
> I am not sure documentation writing is the right job
> for a newcomer...  It might sound simple, but to do it
> properly actually requires an understanding of the field.

Yes and No.  It's precisely when one doesn't know, that one realizes
what needs to be documented :)

Maybe it would be interesting to give the URL to the fosdem presentation
I made?

"How accessible is Debian?"
30 minutes, yes, the first minute is blank


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