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Re: need audio feedback for both USB and regular keyboards

On Sun, 22 Jul 2007 00:11:59 +0200
linaccess@yokoy.de wrote:

> ohh, hope you know the german words...
> System>Einstellungen>Barrierefreiheit>Tastatur Barrierefreiheit>filter>Tastenverzoegerung aktivieren (maybe adjust to 0). 

on an english gnome-desktop it should be
System>Preferences>Accessibility>Keyboard Accessibility>Enable slow keys

but it neither works in termial nor in other xapplication on my laptop(x20 ibm) :-(
Does anybody know if it usually works? 

> maybe you want to use your keypad instead of a mouse?
System>Einstellungen>Barrierefreiheit>Tastatur Barrierefreiheit>Maustasten

System>Preferences>Accessibility>Keyboard Accessibility>Mouse Keys>Enable Mouse Keys


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