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Re: Debian-Installer with BRLTTY (USB) test report

"Simon Bienlein" <s.bienlein@gmx.de> writes:

> Hi Mario,
> How did you access the BRLTTY preferences menu? [...] From the reference
> manual [1] for BRLTTY I did not learn how to access the preferences
> menu with the Braille display Braille Star 80 by the firm Handy
> Tech.

If I remember the Star 80 correctly, you press B1 + B7.

> Thus, as a beginner, I would not know how to switch the text table
> to German. For this reason, I have always suggested to beginners to
> use the boot parameter brltty=,,de for USB displays.

I agree the situation is not 100% perfect for beginners yet.
However, I prefer to choose the table using the preference menu over
having to type blindly on a keyboard which is in US layout...

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