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Debian-Installer with BRLTTY (USB) test report


Today I tried the daily build of debian-installer with
a USB (Handy Tech Modular Evolution 88) braille display.

I simply connected the USB port of my display to a laptop that
needed a fresh system and put the netinst CD in the drive.

I booted the machine and pressed return to get the installer going.

After a while, my display magically turned on and BRLTTY
successfully started.  I went into the BRLTTY preferences
menu to choose the translation table I prefer and exited the
preference menu again.

From there on, I was able to perform the whole installation without
any problems.  At the end, BRLTTY was installed into the
target system, and after reboot, I again had a working
display in my newly installed Debian Etch system.

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