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Re: gnome-orca now in experimental

Hello Mario,

Mario Lang  wrote :

> Thanks to the work of Kartik Mistry, there is finally a Debian
> package for Orca available.  As has been discussed previously
> on this list, due to the imminent release of Etch, the Orca package
> has been uploaded to the "experimental" distribution.

Do you know which Version of Gnome I do need to install in order to
run the Gnome OrcaPacket? And what is the minimum System Requirement to
run Gnome and Orca?

My Debian system has the following hardware specification:
processor: AMD K7/750 Mhz
RAM; 265 MG
Grafic Card: Matrox Milenium MGA G200, 8 MB, AGP
Sound Card: Soundblaster Live Player, PCI

Best regards

Petra Ritter

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