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Re: Debian-Installer with BRLTTY (USB) test report

Hi Mario,

How did you access the BRLTTY preferences menu? If one has never
accessed and read the help integrated into BRLTTY, one does not know the
shortcut for accessing the menu. From the reference manual [1] for
BRLTTY I did not learn how to access the preferences menu with the
Braille display Braille Star 80 by the firm Handy Tech. Thus, as a
beginner, I would not know how to switch the text table to German. For
this reason, I have always suggested to beginners to use the boot
parameter brltty=,,de for USB displays.

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Best Regards, Simon.

[1] http://dave.mielke.cc/brltty/doc/Manual-BRLTTY/English/BRLTTY-4.html

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