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2007 is going to be the year of a11y


I have a strong feeling 2007 is going to be *the* year for
Accessibility.  Why?  Because the EU is now also going to have
something similar to US Section 508.  I've already
seen in real life how this is affecting development goals.
In my dayjob, we have a intranet web-based system for
all kinds of things that is pretty browser specific.
I.e., there is nearly nothing that you can do with the system
using lynx.  I've been trying to get attention
to various problems of this system since the beginning
of 2000, and basically always got the reply that there is not
enough man power to care for accessibility.  Now, January 2007,
the development crew bascially asked me to help them
test their developments regarding accessibility,
and I *know* they only do this because they are afraid
of the new EU accessibility laws coming up in 2008.

A double-edged sword.  On the one hand, its nice
to see imporovements after all, on the other one however, its
sad that it takes a LAW to make people realize
that small special-needs groups are indeed important.

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