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Call for review: debian.org/devel/debian-accessibility/software.html


As some of you might already know, the Debian Accessibility Project
webpages include a relevant software listing[1] which tries to unify
all accessibility related package descriptions into
one nicely sub-linked webpage.  This page is *not* autogenerated,
since in some cases, it makes more sense to slightly rewrite
the package descriptions.  Please review this listing,
and report items that:
 * Are missing.
 * Could use better wording.
 * Are out-dated.
 * You know the hardware vendor URL for.

Some of these software items actually support AT hardware.
I tried to link to the relevant vendors product info page
wherever possible, especially within the BRLTTY description[2].
I think such visibility is only good for communication with
AT vendors, perhaps they might one time even realize that their
hardware is working out-of-the-box on Debian...  And of course,
it is nice for our users if they can immediately see if their
piece of hardware is supported.

[1] http://debian.org/devel/debian-accessibility/software.html
[2] http://debian.org/devel/debian-accessibility/software.html#brltty

P.S.: I will be in Karlruhe (Germany) attending a 1-day workshop about
Linux for the blind beginning next week, so depeding on the net access there
(I totally forgot to ask the hotel staff about it) there might be
a slight delay on my side.  On the upside of things, this
workshop looks really promising, esp. regarding the long-standing
http://debian.org/devel/debian-accessibility/software.html#i18nspeech issue.
More on this later.

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