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Bug#172539: revisiting the SHOW_CURSOR issue


4 years after this bug was submitted without a single reaction
of the maintainer meanwhile, I'd like to re-explain why this is still an issue
for the Debian Accessibility community.

From my personal POV, I've changed SHOW_CURSOR to TRUE
in /etc/lynx.cfg about a hundred times or more on new installations
of Debian machines since I've submitted this bug.
Agreed, that alone doesn't merit changing the default, please let me

There are in fact several reasons why SHOW_CURSOR should be true:

* Screen reader users need this option to be able to use Lynx.
  This is mostly for people with visual disabilities.  Console screen
  readers do only have the "hard"-cursor to guess what might
  be highlighted at the moment, and position the "reading cursor"
  there.  If the user is working with speech, this is usually
  the line that is spoken when the cursor moves.  For braille display
  users, the braille display is positioned where the cursor is (a
  braille display usually only consists of one line of refreshable
  braille cells usually about 40 or 80, i.e., it can not display
  the whole screen at once).
  With this simple method, lynx is easily navigateable because
  SHOW_CURSOR:TRUE forces the cursor to go to the beginning
  of the currently highlighted link.
  Additionally, remote users of a Debian server that do use
  assistive technologies would also need SHOW_CURSOR to be set to
  TRUE.  Agreed, they might as well provide some personal
  configuration, but it is IMO useless extra work, lynx might as
  well DTRT by default.
* As someone else mentioned in thsi bug report, if SHOW_CURSOR
  is FALSE, the lynx configuration system is essentially
  not usable to people with visual disabilities.  So setting
  the option to TRUE via the config system is no option.
  Yes, there is the config file, and the command-line
  argument, but especially newbies might be confused
  by not knowing these options.
* Serial console (alike) usage scenarios might also prefer to
* Other essential Debian components already follow the
  practice of not hiding the cursor.  whiptail (and therefore the
  Debconf console dialog stuff) do have a visible and sensibly placed
  hard-cursor.  This is great, since it makes Debconf prompting
  nicely accessible to people with visual disabilities without requiring
  them to configure something special in the first place.
  It would only make sense to have an app like lynx
  to follow this behaviour by default.

elmo: Could you please add your thoughts on this
issue to this bug so that we at least know why no reaction
has come from you in the last 4 years?

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