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Re: Festival and OSS/ALSA

>>>>> "jrf" == juan rafael fernández <jrfern@gmail.com> writes:

    jrf> Festival admits a language parameter,

    jrf>      `--language LANG'
    jrf>           Set the default language to LANG.  Currently LANG may
    jrf>          be one of `english', `spanish' or `welsh' (depending
    jrf>          on what voices are actually available in your
    jrf>          installation).

This parameter is useful only for interactive work with festival.
Speech backends such as Speech Dispatcher set the Festival language
themselves as needed.

    jrf> But then, in /usr/share/festival/voice-select.scm I find

    jrf>       (defvar language-codes
    jrf>            '((en english
    jrf>                (US american)
    jrf>                (BR british))
    jrf>            (cs czech)
    jrf>            (de german)
    jrf>            (fi finnish)
    jrf>            (fr french)
    jrf>           (it italian))

    jrf> No Spanish?? Is this only piece of code that needs patching? Is
    jrf> just adding "es spanish" enough?

Yes (assuming you've got installed a Spanish voice that identifies as
such itself).


Milan Zamazal

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