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Re: Festival and OSS/ALSA (was: [Kenny Hitt] Re: Is Debian appropriate for accessibility?)

2006/12/21, Milan Zamazal <pdm@freebsoft.org>:

- Tell all applications to use ALSA instead of OSS.

I tell them, but some of them won't listen :-)
Has a  list of these applications  been considered? For instance in
the field I work, education, audacity is considered "the audio
editor". Could audacity be patched or should it be substituted by an
alsa capable editor and recorder?

  use the aoss wrapper.  Install the alsa-oss package
- Remove the oss emulation kernel modules in order to prevent OSS
  applications hijacking your sound device.

From the point of view of an end-user this is contradictory. It's
alsa-oss that installs both aoss and the oss-compatibility modules. If
you install it you get both, is there a configuration central point to
state that you don't want oss-compatibility? (anyway as a especial
end-user I have moved away the oss modules and restarted).

  (There's no need to arrange this in Speech Dispatcher as Speech
  Dispatcher uses Festival only for synthesizing the sound, not playing

Now I understand what speech-dispatcher does! Thank you.

- Enforce using dmix system-wide.  I do this by putting something like
  the following into /etc/asound.conf:

If an end-user needs to hand-write an asound.conf configuration then
alsa in Debian is buggy (wasn't the whole discover+udev etc. system
designed to work out of the box?).
Besides, I see you can control the permissions from that file, which
breaks the idea that all users belonging to group audio are able to
listen and create sound.

Anyway I copied your example before restarting.

Now spd-say works (somehow). But I still have some doubts:
1.- Why two festival servers? or are they threads?
2.- the language parameter in spd-say doesn't work (neither "-l
spanish" nor "-l es"). I always get the English voice with festival

Juan Rafael Fernández

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