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Re: [Kenny Hitt] Re: Is Debian appropriate for accessibility?

>>>>> "jrf" == juan rafael fernández <jrfern@gmail.com> writes:

    jrf> The problem is, are there other intelligible free non-English
    jrf> voices available at the moment? If not, them end-users need the
    jrf> somehow free mbrola voices

No, end users need to initiate development of free voices.  If they just
stick with MBROLA or other proprietary solutions, they shouldn't wonder
that free voices are not available and that they suffer from problems
inherent to using proprietary solutions.

    jrf> This is my list for the languages I surveyed:


    jrf> Is this complete?

No.  Do `apt-cache search festvox' and look at
http://festlang.berlios.de/docu/doku.php?id=languages.  Additionally, at
least Vietnamese free voices are available IIRC.

    jrf> I suppose that all the mentioned voices can (or should be able
    jrf> to) be used from speech-dispatcher. Am I right?

Mostly yes.  MultiSyn voices are not supported (these are only the
arctic English voices, Festival lacks some features now).  UniSyn
European voices should be generally supported, but
festival-freebsoft-utils may fail with some of them (you should send a
bug report in such a case).  I've no idea about voices that use
multibyte character codings.


Milan Zamazal

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