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How do you like it, Was: Help needed on Webdesign


Am Sonntag, 05.12.04 um 19:09 Uhr schrieb Jutta Wrage:

I need again some help from one using a screen reader.

As there was no reaction yet, maybe, I should clarify a bit more:

I do not need help with the coding itself. What I want, is feedback from disabled people, what they would like and what they dislike with current pages. If one explains that with his or her own words, I may find a solution, making pages more useful for those with disabilities.

CSS gives a good chance, to do that.

Bobby, WAIS and other help a lot, but the best is feedback from those reading web pages.

The other thing: Is there any equipment, blind people use, that I can install on my debian system without too much expense?

Does anybody have a browser supporting css and, maybe, the css speach facilities?

What browsers do you use?

I am doing my best to help debian pages going css, but I would like to increase accessibility, too.

Here an example of the debian web tree in English (first URL) and German (second URL) language:


If you like other languages, please mail me.




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