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Help needed on Webdesign


I need again some help from one using a screen reader.

On the Debian package search pages, there the form is in the header on result pages.

I thought, it could be a good idea to move the form from header to below the header and navigation bar. So the page header would be nearer to that of the other pages (only with server selection missing).

Now, if the search form is moved, should it be below the search results or above? It would be no problem to have a link to the search from above the results linking to the form below the results.

BTW: If you want additional information or text in the pages, that can easily be done without breaking graphical browsers as CSS will be used.

Good news: If the move to CSS is done and the maintainer applies the patches, I can try to support speech in CSS, if someone helps me getting something running on my Debian, so that I can hear the changes.




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