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Considering to drop debconf support from BRLTTY?


As you probably all know, BRLTTY currently has debconf support files
so that a nice dialog pops up upon install and asks the user
which type of display he has and where that is connected to (device file).

The necessary code behind it is a bit complicated, and needs a heavy
update for 3.5/3.6, which is the main reason why 3.6 is not yet in

Now, 3.6 recently gained autodetection support, at least for all
USB supported models.  Considering the debconf complexity and what
the user really gains, I am thinking about dropping debconf support in
the next upload all together, and try a different approach:

The default configuration for /etc/brltty.conf would be such that
BRLTTY will try to autodetect USB displays.  So for
all USB display owners, things would be plug-and-play as soon as they
apt-get install'ed brltty.  Just connect the display, and brltty should
find and initialize it.  Serial display users would
have to open /etc/brltty.conf and add their display driver + the device file
they use and do /etc/init.d/brltty restart.

Any comments/cries/protests/whatsoever?


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