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Re: Considering to drop debconf support from BRLTTY?

I think this is a good solution.
as more and more displays tend to go the USB and on compiling it yourself
thit was necessary anyway.

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004, Mario Lang wrote:

 > Hi.
 > As you probably all know, BRLTTY currently has debconf support files
 > so that a nice dialog pops up upon install and asks the user
 > which type of display he has and where that is connected to (device file).
 > The necessary code behind it is a bit complicated, and needs a heavy
 > update for 3.5/3.6, which is the main reason why 3.6 is not yet in
 > Unstable.
 > Now, 3.6 recently gained autodetection support, at least for all
 > USB supported models.  Considering the debconf complexity and what
 > the user really gains, I am thinking about dropping debconf support in
 > the next upload all together, and try a different approach:
 > The default configuration for /etc/brltty.conf would be such that
 > BRLTTY will try to autodetect USB displays.  So for
 > all USB display owners, things would be plug-and-play as soon as they
 > apt-get install'ed brltty.  Just connect the display, and brltty should
 > find and initialize it.  Serial display users would
 > have to open /etc/brltty.conf and add their display driver + the device file
 > they use and do /etc/init.d/brltty restart.
 > Any comments/cries/protests/whatsoever?

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