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Re: Considering to drop debconf support from BRLTTY?


  I am an ALVA 380 user.

  Is it somewhat related to brltty in Debian Installer?
If current D-I is intended to install brltty automatically in new
system and the new brltty package is used in D-I, there might be some
difficulty especially for new users.
If the parameter given at the boot prompt of D-I is propagated to
brltty.conf of installed system, users don't need to edit brltty.conf
until they want to use the same system with the other braille
But if users have to edit brltty.conf in D-I manually to get braille
output in the installed system, it will be more difficult to start
Debian life by themselves.
Having dialogs will be also useful for sighted assistant to install
Debian for blind users.

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