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Re: New Member Intro, Installation Help

Andor Demarteau wrote:
devicefiles are present yes, this doesn't mena that there are devices
attached to the files.
Ah, I see. I know that dev/dsp is a symbolik link but that's about it. I'm bit unsure as to where it should actually be pointing at. Mandrake 9.2 used to lose the sound card on another machine occasionally if I had been in Windows.

isa-cards are tricky, specially the isapnp once *which AFAIK your card
Urgh yes, AWE32 is a physically very long ISA card. Would newer kernels or the textmode Redhat sound configuration tools help?

dpkg -l <pattern> searches on package-name
apt-cache search pattern
I used that. but it tends to be slow if I say something like:
apt-cache search .*gnome.*

yes you can. But I find compilign them myself better mostly.
That's what people are telling me, hehe. I'd like to get things done quickly and most access thingies up and running painlessly at this point, worrying about performance and disk space usage much much later. Besides, I've never compiled a kernel in my life, though I have seen it being done and it was not awfully difficult. I know I need to take that step at some point but I would not want to tackle it just yet.

Thanks for the link.

have to learn C now for my
It's nicely minimalistic, though I prefer OOP for anything larger and or more complex.

Currently playing around with java rmi (remote method
I'm programming a very simple database app in Swing as an exercise. I like SQL syntactically but Swing is difficult.

YOu could also try to find any SUN Audio files (.au) on the web and
cat them to /dev/audio
How does it know the right sampling rate and isn't there some header that sounds like garbage?

With kind regards Veli-Pekka Tätilä (vtatila@mail.student.oulu.fi)
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