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Re: Serial Install Help and IRC Daemon Idea (WAS: New Member INtro ...)

Andor Demarteau wrote:
may be able to use existing code for the
connection and protocl handeling.
Umm, I thought it'd be so, too.

probably need to write a complete new deamonish version.
I was sort of hoping I'd be able to start working on someone else's sources, one advantage of open source, definitely. I mean taking a very basic demon app, removing real functionality and replacing it with the IRC stuff.

interrupt system for your deamon to pass commands to.
Are these real interrrupts or some callbacks?

I see. I know next to nothing about networking but I know what a socket is conceptually from a Perl book.

I understand you are using a Braille voyager display on USB?

see if I can get you a mini.iso image with
brltty 3.5 on it.
THX in advance. How do we transfer the stuff?

This only works if you have a fixed network-connection
I've got VDSL 10 megabits on both directions ideally. In practise, hardly ever over 500 kilobytes a sec even from Microsoft.

sighted assistance for the first 1 or 2 staps
and start the remote-install stuff.
Then you can use ssh to logon and install the rest yourslef.
That could work. How early on will I be able to use SSH. Can I do all critical stuff such as choice of partitions and packages to be installed on my own? What's the absolute minimum before I can run an SSH server in the setup? I suppose network setup is easy as I have a Telewell box that does NAT translation and also PPPOE as well as dynamic DHCP, I think.

as linux is case sensative this is important as well.
I just figured it out myself minutes before you posted this. I had typed it all in lowercase every time. I'll retry the serial stuff before I go to bed which is pretty soon also.

A silly question: can I get Windows-like case behaior in Linux? That is file name case being stored but not usually significant in commands.

if you get your mail on linux, please have a look at procmail for
filtering, works nicely.
I'll definitely do that once I get the system up and runing. I'd really like to do complex and dynamic filtering with procmail and a bit of Perl as well. I mean creating and deleting imap mail foldres dynamically and sorting mail messages into them by bracketed list identifiers automatically. That would be great and no Windows mail client has been able to pull off anything like this as far as I can tell.

PS: Hope you don't mind if I post this on the list as others may have something to contribute. When we get mostly down to personal stuff, I'll take it off-list then.

With kind regards Veli-Pekka Tätilä (vtatila@mail.student.oulu.fi)
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