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Re: speaking emacs

>>>>> "LP" == Leonardo Pistone <leo@matita.net> writes:

    LP> I love emacs (i use it for almost everything) and I'd really
    LP> like to get it speech-enabled. I have this general question:
    LP> what is missing and what can be done in a reasonable time? for
    LP> example, is festival good for that? I know it only has english
    LP> and czeck open voices, but that is not a long-term
    LP> problem. Indeed, has it got any big problem like high latency or
    LP> the like?

In my experience, there are no serious problems with Festival and it's
quite nice system.

On contemporary hardware, Festival's CPU usage totally insignificant.
Of course, if you ask Festival to synthesize a large piece of text at
once, it takes long time.  But Speech Dispatcher takes care of it and
splits long texts into smaller pieces before sending it to Festival.

Anyway, you hardly have any better choice than Festival.  AFAIK, it's
the only completely free _and_ highly customizable speech synthesis

    LP> The other issue is that emacs/w3 seems quite bad and
    LP> unmantained, a better bet could be integrating links2, for
    LP> example.

Emacs w3m-el is probably much better than w3, though not perfect.


Milan Zamazal

The rush to reproduce Microsofts window environment seems to overshadow the
design process of determining what a window environment should be, and what its
ultimate users will want.                  -- Barry Fishman in gnu.misc.discuss

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