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Re: speaking emacs

Am Dienstag, 2. März 2004 21.56 schrieb Leonardo Pistone:
> Hello Mario, hello list,

Good morning Leo

> my name is Leo, nice to meet you.
> I love emacs (i use it for almost everything) and I'd really like to get
> it speech-enabled. I have this general question: what is missing and
> what can be done in a reasonable time? for example, is festival good
> for that? I know it only has english and czeck open voices, but that is
> not a long-term problem. Indeed, has it got any big problem like high
> latency or the like?

I'm not sure but do you know Emacspeak, a speaking version of Emacs?

> And what do you think of the new, cleaner interface speech-dispatcher?
> The other issue is that emacs/w3 seems quite bad and unmantained, a
> better bet could be integrating links2, for example.
> In the next months i'll be working on an open italian voice for
> festival. What else do you think needs to be done to get all
> debian/festival/emacs/browser reasonably working?

Sounds very interesting: Which knowledge do one need for another free festival 
voice? I'm interested in a German voice but don't know yet about the scope of 
the work that needs.

> cheers,
> leo


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