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Re: Festival with Gnopernicus to quick

Mario Fux <foxman@lugo.ch> writes:

> ATM I test Gnopernicus with Festival for a visually impaired friend.
> I use Debian testing on different machines but on each of them the festival 
> voices speak to quick. I think approx. twice as quick as normal.

Just a wild guess, but is it possible that it isn't only just quicker,
but also higher?  I mean, does it sound like it's being played
back with double-speed?  If so, your sound-card is most
probably the problem:
Some soundchips do not allow for intermediate sampling-rates
except 11025, 22050 and 44100.  Festival's voices are
recorded at 8000 and 16000Hz.  If you play such a sample
on such a soundcard, it does sound as if it was played twice as fast.

> Do you have got an idea why this is so and how I can set it to a normal
> speed?

If my above assumption is correct, I'm afraid the only
soltuion you have is to get a decent soundchip.

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