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Re: Problem to read the entire screen on Sid with BRLTTY

OK, thanks a lot for these explanations.
So, good news : it's not a problem with my installation. But bas news
for me : I found it was so easy with the old interface (woody) to
navigate between items; Now I think it's more difficult, perhaps
difficult is not the appropriate word but I think we will spend more
time searching what item is highlited than before because now we must
use the braille display keys to navigate through the screen and switch
between text mode and attribute mode. before we just press the arrow
keys and know immediatly what was selected. 
So now, I think I will have to change my old Vario because using its
buttons very often is not practical and due to his old age it doesn't
always react as I wish :-)

Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org> writes:

> Hi Nath.
> Nath <nath.ml@free.fr> writes:
> > Today I try to install Debian sid in order to build Gnopernicus and
> > gnome-speech and I encounter a very big problem in using for example
> > debconf or modconf. 
> > In the Debian woody we can see exactly where we are on the braille
> > display when for example selecting modules or replying questions in the
> > debconf interface. Unfortunatly this is not the case for me when using
> > Sid. It seems BRLTTY doesn't see the entire screen and if I understand
> > when the cursor is on a particular line the selected item is on the
> > previous line
> I'm having a bit of a hard time  understanding your problem description.
> For a start, what frontend of debconf are you using?  There are different
> debconf frontends to choose from.
> > : so very difficult to use !  To solve the problem I tried to
> > reconfigure debconf but nothing better after that.
> What exactly did you change?  I suggest trying out the readline interface,
> which is line-based.
> > I installed the BRLTTY version packaged on Sid but have always the
> > same problem.  so my question : Have you encountered the same
> > problem with Sid and if so what have you done to solve it ?
> Oh, I just took the time to check, and can now see what your problem probably
> is.  debconf's dialog interface highlights items
> in a select box with attribute colour.  You can only change between
> the Buttons at the bottom (OK and Cancel, or Yes and No) using
> the normal cursor.  I dont really remember if that was always this way,
> since I'm quite adapted to attribute highlighting programs and tend to do the
> "looking for the highlight" quite automatically.  You can do this
> by changing brltty into attribute view mode, and look for the line
> which is probably currently highlighted.  Then move the cursor up and down,
> and watch the highlighted line move.  Do this until you're sure that it is
> highlighting the item you actually want to select.  You might want to switch
> between attribute and text mode several times to achieve this.  Sometimes,
> this can also be done by using the attribute underlining mode of brltty, but
> that only works in some cases, I didn't particularily check
> if that works in debconf dialog though.
> Hope this helps
> P.S. to Boris: This should be explained in the HOWTO.
> -- 
> CYa,
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