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Re: Problem to read the entire screen on Sid with BRLTTY

Perhaps it will help to understand and to solve the problem :
Yesterday I decided to launch the Knoppix Cd 3.2 (which is like Sid I
think) in order to see if the behaviour was the same as in the Sid
itself. The modconf version is the same as in Sid (0.2.44=; Result : I
don't obtain the same behaviour as in Sid, in the Knoppix the modconf
utility can be used with VRLTTY as in Woody without trouble. so I don't
understand why in Sid the behaviour is not the same.
Another thing : When in Sid I try to read the entire screen in modconf
it appears that with BRLTTY I can't read all the things ! I can only
read the second part of each line, the right part only. Is it the same
for you if you have Sid installed ? Or perhaps it's a problem with my
video ? I don't know how to do to solve this issue. 


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