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Problem when trying to install gnopernicus package

Hello all,

Today I try to install gnopernicus on a fresh installed Knoppix (debian
unstable) on my hard disk. 
First I installed the gnome-core package and the suggested packages
gnome-control-center, gnome-panel, gnome-session, gnome-terminal and
gnome-help. But after this step I tried to install gnopernicus and it
doesn't work because it depends on libgnome-mag 1.10 and only
libgnome-mag 1.9 is available. 

So my question : what can I do to solve this issue ? Does it exist an
option to tell apt to ignore dependancies ? Perhaps libgnome-mag is not
so necessary because it seems gnopernicus can work properly  without
gnome-mag ?  If you have other ideas or solutions ?
Another question : may I install other packages in order to have a
working Gnome environment ? 
Thanks in advance.

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