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Re: Status of Gnopernicus in Sid?

Colin Walters <walters@debian.org> writes:

> On Wed, 2003-05-21 at 09:30, Mario Lang wrote:
>> This is not really a bug, but a feature :-).  Blinkies usually
>> work with speech at that rate.  Everything below is a pain to work with.
>> I agree though that this should be somehow configurable in Gnopernicus, didn't
>> find such a setting yet.
> Interesting.  What are blinkies?  I tried a google search but it was
> rather uninformative :)

Sorry, I was refering to "blind users" :-)

>> What I observed today is that when I tried to launch nautilus,
>> it complained that the libgail-gnome module was not installed.
>> After checking, I saw that it was really not installed.
>> Well, unfortunately, I realized that I still had your hacked libatk1.0-1
>> packages, and did a cleanup.  After that, strangely, nautilus
>> no longer complains about a missing libgail-gnome module.
>> I'm wondering now, should gnopernicus depend on libgail-gnome-module,
>> or is this just an ancient left-over?
> I think it should, actually.
Thought so.

>> I'm using gnopernicus 0.3.2 now (which is available
>> from ftp://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/sources/gnopernicus/0.3/
>> as tarball.  I'm not sure if 0.3.2 is that good, or
>> if only the setting of the accessibility gconf key was the reason,
> Ah, I didn't know about the gconf key!  Yes, that sure made more things
> talk.

Yes, which brings up another question which I'm unsure about:  How to
handle this configuration setting?  It seems like it is a global
setting?  Or does this need to be turned on per user?  In any case,
I don't think we can set this in gnopernicus postinst?

>> but if you find time, maybe you could do a new upload of 0.3.2?
>> OTOH, if you want to get rid of gnopernicus, I *think* I *might*
>> be able to aadopt it now.  At least the build of 0.3.2 with your debian/
>> dir went fine without any problems :)
> Sure, if you'd like to take it over, I have no problem with that.  Let
> me know if you have any problems with the package; it is using my newly
> developed build system (CDBS), but hopefully you'll like it :)

debian/rocks, doesn't it :-).  OK, I guess I'll take it then, thanks a bundle
for all the work you invested so far.

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