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Re: Status of Gnopernicus in Sid?

On Thu, 2003-05-15 at 16:28, Mario Lang wrote:
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> Hi.
> Did anyone here get the version of gnopernicus in sid to talk?
> And I mean really talk, not just output the "Welcome to Gnopernicus" message?
> - From what I read on the gnome-accessibility-list, it seems recent
> changes in GNOME and in Gnopernicus should have increased the
> number of "speaking" widgets and programs dramatically.
> Just to make sure that I'm not totally missing something, I'd like
> to know if anyone got it talking in a useful way.
> Otherwise I think it would be great if Colin could do another cvs snapshot.

Done.  The speech at least has never really worked for me; it sounds
like it's coming out *way* too fast.  I haven't had a chance to

But with the just-uploaded packages, the magnifier seems to work better,
and I do get more speech (although it's still unintelligible :/)...

Let me know how they work out for you guys.

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