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Re: Debian Accessibility Project

"Kieran O'Sullivan" <blindpng@sdf.lonestar.org> writes:

> Some suggestions for your page.
> 1. SVGATextMode is not mentioned this provides large characters on the
> console and is reasonably good.

The problem I see with SVGATextMode is, that it is considered obsolete.
It does not work with framebuffer devices, which is what 2.4 uses.
Or am I mistaken here?

If not, I do not think that it is a good idea to base someone's magnification
needs upon a piece of software that is going to be unusable really soon.

But for completeness, maybe it would be good to mention it in
the Debian Accessibility HOWTO after all.

> I am also in the process of writing a program which is designed to do full
> screen magnification for X.  Not just putting the magnified are in a
> window but actually magnifying the whole screen.
> If you want to put a link to my web site on your page the address is
> http://www.blindpenguin.org

I will mention it, as soon as it exists :-).

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