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QuickStart Guide on Compiling and Installing Gnopernicus

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Colin Walters recently announced that he has ready-made Gnopernicus
and gnome-speech packages.  I'm just summarizing how to get those
installed on your system for people interested.

Colin is using powerpc for development, so most of you
will not be able to use his precompiled packages.  To compile them
yourself, simply follow these steps:

1. Add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb-src http://people.debian.org/~walters/debian staging/source/

2. Now, change to some directory where you want to build the packages in:

mkdir /tmp/debian && cd /tmp/debian

3. Now we need to compile two packages, which gnopernicus later depends on at

apt-get build-dep at-spi gnome-speech
apt-get source --build at-spi gnome-speech
dpkg -i libatspi1.0-1_*.deb at-spi_*.deb libatspi-dev_*.deb libgnome-speech*.deb

4. After building and installing the components which Gnopernicus requires to
build, we can actually start:

apt-get build-dep gnopernicus
apt-get source --build gnopernicus
dpkg -i gnopernicus_*.deb

NOw, you should be able to experiment with gnopernicus.  If you
get it talking, please report how.  The only thing I managed
to get out of it was its welcome message, but I have no idea
right now how to actually use it as a screen reader.  Since we're currently
having a lot to do at work, I could not manage to get someone
to help me figure out how to actually use it.  I'm happy about every
hint you could give.

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