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Re: New Debian Academy announcement among the community

On 20/03/2021 13:24, Paul Sutton wrote:
> Hi
> Ok added my input in to the meeting schedule.
> Paul
> On 18/03/2021 22:36, jathan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Having a conversation today at IRC with zleap and reading the last
>> messages of other members of the team, I was thinking it could be a good
>> idea to make a new announcement about Debian Academy among some Debian
>> mailing lists or write something together to be published in a Debian
>> News announcement with the help of the Debian Publicity Team, in case
>> more people would like to take advantage of the platform to create a
>> course or also with technical help in Moodle. We can start drafting
>> something about the Debian Academy announcement in our Sandstorm:
>> https://storm.debian.net/shared/jvdrY9rsw8SIF9FcgDtHxZsBWZHGJWh2xLIZqa3Wj1j
>> I have started the draft at the bottom of the Sandstorm content:
>> Debian Academy new anouncement through Debian Publicity Team and Debian
>> News inviting to create courses and helping in our Moodle platform
>> ### Invitation body text
>> Have you ever thought teaching something about Debian development or
>> something else in benefit of our wonderful community? Debian Academy is
>> ready! We invite to anyone to create a course or help in our E-learning
>> platform with moodle:
>>   https://wiki.debian.org/DebianAcademy
>>   https://academy.debian.net/my/
>> ### Invitation body text
>> The final text could be shared with the Debian Publicity Team in their
>> repository:
>> https://salsa.debian.org/publicity-team/bits/-/tree/master/content/2020
>> Those who can, please participate in the drafting of the invitation in
>> the Sandstorm to make it the best possible content,
>> Regards
>> Jathan
Hi Paul,

Thanks for adding yourself with your available times for the meetings,


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