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Re: New Debian Academy announcement among the community

On 20/03/2021 06:12, Sam Howell wrote:
> Hi Jathan,
> I've now added my availability to the Sandstorm doc. Maybe in this doc we could
> also pitch ideas for areas of discussion for the meeting. For example, something
> I'd love to look into is hosting an official Debian Academy Adapt instance. I've
> provided an example of Adapt courses on the LMS.
> If we all had access to an Adapt instance (which I have experience setting up),
> members could simply go to the site and create courses, export them easily,
> import them into the LMS etc. It's pretty much what I do for my day job.
> I could also provide training and support for Adapt course authoring, theme
> development, instructional design and general elearning tips, suggestions etc.
> Anyway, we can discuss in more detail in an IRC meeting if others like the sound
> of this.
> Sam
> On 20/03/2021 00:58, jathan wrote:
>> Hi Sam,
>> Thanks for your opinion about the IRC meetings. I think we could use in
>> the meantime our Sandstorm site to start some schedule proposals. I
>> suggest to have the meetings once a week or every two weeks. What do you
>> think?
>> Regards
>> Jathan
Hi Sam,

Thank you for adding your time availability for the meetings and for
making the proposal about pointing ideas for areas of discussion for the
meetings. I think it is a good suggestion and we should do it. I have
added a section called "Ideas for discussion in the meetings" and
written your proposal about the Debian Academy Adapt instance there.

I don't have much knowledge about E-Learning software even with Moodle,
but sounds interesting the benefits and purpose of Adapt. I think it
would be great if you talk about this with TomTeichler and NatureShadow
in IRC, due they are the ones who help us with the infrastructure on
which Debian Academy runs. Thanks a lot for your willingness to help in
Debian Academy with all the Adapt knowledge and experience you have,


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