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Re: Project help - adding courses to moodle


1. People create courses,  and learn Moodle as they go (probably not, the best way)

2. Create and collate content e.g documents, weblinks, video, sound quizzes etc, and then work with anyone like Sam with Moodle / teaching expertise to put the courses together.

It is hard to learn Moodle as you create an online course. So I would suggest the second option: the subject expert gathers content and then work with Sam or myself to work out how to best present the content in Moodle. This is actually the work I would most like to contribute to this project.

As Sam already suggested it would sometimes be better to have a conference call. Generally I could find time for call in the afternoon/evening CET.

3. Is it possible to have more than 1 person as full course editor?
You can grant teacher role to as many users as you want. A user with teacher role can do anything within the course.

4. How do we add a 2nd person, or do admins have the rights to edit courses anyway?

A user with the site admin role can edit any course on the site, but is not listed as a course creator and can't do everything that the teacher can. If site admin is the creator of a course it is best for him to have a teacher role in the course, as this gives him the full access to the course.

To add a user (any role), enter the course and click 'Participants' link in the left menu. Click the 'Enrol users' button (on the right at the top and bottom of the participants list). To add a teacher first change the 'Assign role' setting to 'Teacher' and then search for the user (user must have an account created first).

5. Who has the admin rights to Moodle to give Sam the right permissions?, if anyone else needs this, then it may be a better idea, for them to add several people a the same time.
It is not strictly necessary to give Sam (and others in similar role) site admin rights. Except of course if he wants to help with site administration. In this case I can grant him admin rights. For helping a course creator it is enough to have a teacher role in the course. Another option is a manager role within category (manager can edit all the courses in category).


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