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Re: Project help - adding courses to moodle

Hi Mitja,

I'm yet to log into the LMS and poke around to see where things 
currently stand. Hopefully I'll find time for this soon, probably Monday 
morning/evening GMT.

If we can arrange a group call soon, or a time to all get together on 
IRC, we could come up with some actions. Personally, I think my main 
areas of contribution would be any of the following:

   * elearning instructional writing/design
   * proofreading / copy editing for courses, documentation etc.
   * web/course development (I have HTML, CSS/SCSS and basic JS experience)

I've been discussing some ideas with David on #debian-academy regarding 
Adapt course demos. I could upload something to the LMS, which would 
allow everyone to see what Adapt can offer. I also mentioned I'd be 
happy to contribute LMS theme styling if this hasn't already been done. 
It's what I'm currently working on with my own Moodle instance.

If I worked on something like this it would be good to see the Debian 
style guides if there are any.


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