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Re: Debian 68k meeting in 2018

On 11/09/2017 10:57 AM, Christian T. Steigies wrote:
Well, next year is special, there are more than 50 weekends! Do you want me
to list them all and block rooms already? Maybe we can limit the timeframe a
little bit.

Nordic humor :P. No, of course just list the ones which are possible :).

Do you want a meeting in Winter like last time? Should be easy
to get (meeting and hotel) rooms here, since it will be dark and miserable.
The FOSDEM weekend is probably not a good choice, so January? Really?

I agree. Not in winter.

Lectures will be over on Feb 14, exams on Feb 21. After that until April the
University should be mostly empty, but I might be away for a week or two.
The first half of March looks good right now, the sun is coming back, so we
could go swimming, the baltic usually does not freeze anymore in March ;-)

This was my idea as well thinking about the German university schedule.

If you want it later in the year, I would suggest late August / early
September, like last time. It will be hot (20°C!) and sunny, no classes.
But there I'd need to check for other conferences here first, this is the
preferred time for meetings.

No, I think March sounds very good.

Probably you want some feedback from Geert and Michael and Roman and
Thorsten and Andreas and Ingo and ... first before we lockin a date?

Of course. Would be great to have as many of the m68k people there :).


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