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Re: Modified Linux 4.1.20 (mac+scsi) on Quadra 660av

On Mon, 1 Aug 2016, Mac User wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm not able to get the modified Linux 4.1.20 kernel (the one with the
> SCSI patches) working on a Quadra 660av.  The kernel compiles (in about
> 18 hours, compared to over 2 weeks on a Mac IIfx), but it panics at boot
> with ESP SCSI errors (timeouts, resets, no mode sense).

Do you get the same result from the 4.1.23 download?

> Debian 3.1 (with a Linux 2.2.25 kernel) works on the Quadra 660av.  I 
> tried terminating the external SCSI connection; that did not help.

You should not need an external terminator unless you have external SCSI 
devices. If you have disable all of the internal termination, adding an 
external terminator could make it work again.

It sounds like you have both an internal CDROM and internal disk drive. 
The drive at the end of the bus needs to have its termination enabled.


> My internal SCSI disk is a Seagate ST318417N with termination, 
> terminator power, and terminator power to bus jumpers set.
> I can send pictures of the boot screen, or whatever other output might 
> be helpful.  Or if another kernel is in the works, I can wait and try 
> that.
> Thanks for any help..
> -Stan

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