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Modified Linux 4.1.20 (mac+scsi) on Quadra 660av


I'm not able to get the modified Linux 4.1.20 kernel (the one with the
SCSI patches) working on a Quadra 660av.  The kernel compiles (in about
18 hours, compared to over 2 weeks on a Mac IIfx), but it panics at boot
with ESP SCSI errors (timeouts, resets, no mode sense).  Debian 3.1
(with a Linux 2.2.25 kernel) works on the Quadra 660av.  I tried
terminating the external SCSI connection; that did not help.  My
internal SCSI disk is a Seagate ST318417N with termination, terminator
power, and terminator power to bus jumpers set.

I can send pictures of the boot screen, or whatever other output might
be helpful.  Or if another kernel is in the works, I can wait and try that.

Thanks for any help..


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