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Re: Fwd: Re: Debian on mac68k

On 05/30/2016 01:10 PM, Stefan Niestegge wrote:
>> Well, yes, ADB support is currently broken as you have heard. So, either
>> you look into fixing it yourself or you install a much older version
>> of Debian. I don't think you can anyone else to jump in right now and
>> fix the driver for you.
> I can't fix such stuff myself, nor do i expect that someone interrupts
> his work to fix the ADB now.

But you can just cross-compile a kernel yourself. It's very easy, really.

You can just install the m68k cross-toolchain in Debian testing/unstable,
then download the kernel sources or ask Finn to provide you with the
sources he has and then build the kernel with CONFIG_FHANDLE.

It really involves a few commands only. You just have to start doing
it, it's not really magic.

The following should be enough on Debian testing/unstable:

# apt install gcc-m68k-linux-gnu libncurses5-dev
# apt build-dep linux
# cd /folder/of/kernel/sources
# ARCH=m68k make menuconfig
(Configure the kernel here)
# ARCH=m68k make

And your kernel will end up in arch/m68k/boot, that's it :).

>> I don't know when ADB support broke. I have an m68k Mac myself, but I
>> normally run Linux on Amigas or virtual Ataris. On my Centris 650, ADB
>> support is working fine with the 3.16 stock kernel in any case.
> Now this is probably the thing to try out. Do you boot it with Penguin,

Yes, with Pengiun

> too? What is your kernel commandline? I tried the generic m68k kernel
> from your debian space but it didn't boot, it hangs after un-gzipping
> but before screen turns black. System 7 Desktop freezes.

I remember I had to fiddle around a bit to get it booting, but
since the machine is currently in my basement, I'm afraid, I can't
have a quick look. But I think I had the same issue, try searching
the mailing list archives of this list.


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